“I appreciate not being oversold Botox units the way so many other places do. When I inquired about facial fillers, he honestly said that I do not yet need them.”

“I save his newsletters and forward them on to relatives. Good stuff!”

“Through the years my entire family has seen Dr. Bonder. He skillfully guided my children through their adolescent acne years.”

“If there is a procedure that someone does better, Dr. Bonder does not hesitate to refer.”

“A pleasure to deal with efficiency and good, old-fashioned doctoring.”

“My problem was complicated and related to my other conditions. The doctor coordinated his care with my other doctors immediately.”

“The first visit I was taken on time and thought it was an accident. The next time I realized that they do not overbook like so many others. Thank you for respecting my time!”

“The entire experience was smooth and pleasant. The staff was cheerful and helpful, the doctor pleasant and knowledgeable. My problem was quickly solved.”

“Waiting room time minimal; efficient, friendly staff. Thorough care. I strongly recommend.”

“There is nothing like a doctor with experience. I appreciate seeing the doctor only at every visit.”

“I travel from downstate to see Dr. Bonder. I have seen other dermatologists and Dr. Bonder gave me a correct diagnosis and effective treatment the FIRST time.”

“I receive Botox injections. Dr. Bonder is an excellent injector and his reputation for happy Botox patients is spreading. Free two-week follow-ups are a bonus and shows that he cares about results.”

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